Niacinamide + Peptides for Sensitive Skin
Niacinamide + Peptides for Sensitive Skin
Niacinamide + Peptides for Sensitive Skin
Niacinamide + Peptides for Sensitive Skin

Niacinamide + Peptides for Sensitive Skin

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This Active filler free Niacinamide + Petides Molecule Serum is especially formulated for sensitive and rosacea prone skin. This formulation contains 3% Niacinamide paired with redness reducing Tetrapeptide Solution and is specifically formulated to provide anti-inflammatory benefits, addressing redness and flushing, while minimizing papules and pustules often associated with rosacea. High active concentrations for sensitive skin is not always better, this formula provides all the benefits of Niacinamide while respecting sensitive skin. With continuous use this formulation will also address hyperpigmentation in sensitive skin.

Our Molecules are clean powerful Active formulations created to give you full and complete control over your skincare. Transparent. Powerful. Real. We create Conscious Powerful Clean Beauty to us that means every ingredient we use is carefully selected, powerful and works together in synergy to benefit your skin. Love your skin!


• Reducing Redness and Flushing

• Minimizing Papules and Pustules

• Minimizing Acne in Sensitive Skin

• Light Hydration and Skin Suppleness

• Ideal for Sensitive, Rosacea and Acne Prone Skin


Avoid pairing Niacinamide with L-ascorbic acid. Per example, if you use Niacinamide in the morning, use L-ascorbic acid at night, but not together. Our formulations are high actives, pairing them with Retinol and Acids will increase skin cell turnover and their exfoliating efficacy. If you’re pairing our formulations with Retinol and Acids be sure to start gradually and work your way up. Always wear sunscreen.


Niacinamide . Peptides . Hyaluronic Acid . NaPCA


Dew like consistency similar to drops of water. Weightless and is completely absorbed by the skin.


Dispense 1-2 pumps onto clean fingertips, spread the liquid between fingertips of both hands and gently pat onto face and neck moving upwards.

30ml |

Clean Cruelty Free Beauty Always! TAHNYC is made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, colorants and fragrances.

Made in USA. Not tested on animals.